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In order to become an admin you need to possess the various skills that are mentioned below:

1. You MUST be Respectful -  Since I became one of the three owners of this server, I have never seen a fight or a quarrel among each of us. I have always believe that if you want to EARN respect you must GIVE Respect.

2. You SHOULD show a form of co-operation - Without this, we will never succeed, but instead, we will be separated and shifted away from each other like what happen in other servers. we want our server to BETTER than others and the BEST among all other ones.

3. Your stats should be clean of Admin warnings and all other bad stuffs - This is pretty much straight-forward.

4. You should at least play in the server for 4 to 5 days - This means that you just cannot come into the server and expect to become an admin just like that. You MUST do something to earn it. 

5. If you are already an admin in our server you must not disobey the admin rights and rules and you must not abuse the commands - This means that you should not misuse the /ah for what it was not meant to be used for.
Some of these cmds that we are very strict with admins using are:

  • /skick
  • /kick
  • /ban
  • /skick
  • /fakeban
  • /fakekick
  • /makedev
  • /makemapper
  • /makeleader
  • /makehelper
  • /setstat
  • /spawnveh
  • /veh

If you want to use any of the above 13 cmds, you MUST ask for permission from an higher admin or from one the OWNERs of the server.

6. We also advise that you should not ask for an Administrative Promotion because this can lead to a demotion in your admin rank rather than it being promoted. You MUST wait until an owner sees how well you perform in our server and then he will deal choose if to promote you or not. If that owner gets angry after you ask for a promotion and that said admin decided to demote you to a lower rank, then its your fault because we WARNED you!

Thank you for taking your time and patience in ready the info that is above.

TIP: If you disagree with what we have above, feel free to leave the server because you were not begged to be in it in the first place. Thank you once again.

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