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Darrel_Kane | El Corona Vagos 13  [ACCEPTED] Empty Darrel_Kane | El Corona Vagos 13 [ACCEPTED]

on Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:36 pm
First Name:Darrel
Last Name:Kane
Middle Name: [Not necessary]
Age of Character:18
Address of Character:94 Idlewood

How long have you been playing in the server for: 1 and a half hours

What is the name of the family that you want us to create: El Corona Vagos

Why do you think we should create this family for you: [40 words] I would like to lead this faction because I am able to create roleplay through out the gang and can promote the server with screenshots and other things... I have been roleplaying for 5 years, I have good knowledge of roleplay and can help newbies with the rules and show them how to behave

Give us a short and brief explanation of your family or tell us what it is all about: [30 to 50 words minimum] Los Santos Vagos territory: The gang is known to operate all around the area of El Corona or "El Barrio" which is commonly known as the Hispanic part of LS, with immigrants and familys from all around Latin america. Their turf limitates with the Idlewood district to the west, Airport to the east and Willowfield to the north.

for different horrifying criminal acts. The gang is currently lead by a high council of Veteranos.
Nowadays the Vagos operate in sets around their area, which makes them even bigger, these small sets are mainly formed out of teenagers that hang out together, get high, performing vandalism acts and go together on homicides, the gang activities don't stop just here and there are plenty more ways in which the Vagos can cause damage. One of the most known Vagos sets at the moment is a set under the name "El Corona Vagos 13"

Who told you or gave you the idea of creating this family or gang: Wanted to be leader of a Hispanic gang and vagos was there.

Will you be active in the server to keep the family operated: Once I get members i'll tell you

What is your in-game level: 5
Make a screenshot of your Admin Record stat and upload it: [/stat]

/stats don't work at the moment

If you are approved that the above answers are truthful and there are no lies implied within it, say "Yes, i do" below on the lin
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Darrel_Kane | El Corona Vagos 13  [ACCEPTED] Empty Re: Darrel_Kane | El Corona Vagos 13 [ACCEPTED]

on Sat Aug 19, 2017 1:02 pm
Dear Darrel Kane,

After reviewing this Gang Application, we the Owners of this server "Gods of Egypt Roleplay" have decided to ACCEPT your application You have 24 hours to come in-game to choose a spot to attain this Gang/Family. If this is not done by then, you gang application will be eventually be declined.

Thank you for applying.
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