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Presidential Tributes
Los Santos Government
Body-Guarding Society 


In order to become Bodyguard to watch the back of the President of Los Santos, you have to gain several qualifications. You have to be very strict at MOST of the times and when you say no you must mean "No". This job requires your sacrifice and gratitude at all time possible. Once you become a Bodyguard for the President of Los Santos, there is no turning back where you came from. However, becoming a bodyguard, there WILL be some pros and cons that you will face throughout working in the Work Force of Los Santos. Especially, hit-men and assassins will try their best to get rid of your President! That's why we have specially equipped yourself to keep your back safe!

This Application consists of the following sections which are compulsory [This means you MUST answer all of them fluently]

  • In Character Questions
  • Out of Character Questions

Section One | In Character Questions

1.1. What is your first name that was given to you by your parents/guardian? [State name here] 

1.2. What is your last name that was given to you by your parents/guardian? [State name here] 

1.3. What is your date of birth [DOB]? [State answer here]

1.4. How long have you been living in this City of Los Santos? [State time here]

1.5. Have you lived anywhere else other than Los Santos since you were born? [State answer here] If not, then say "N/A"

1.6. Where were you born? [State location here "E.g. Name of Hospital"]

1.7. Do you have any siblings or relatives that lives in Los Santos and resides with you? [Yes/No]

1.8. What is your Mother's full name? [State name here]

1.9. What is your Father's full name? [State name here]

1.10. Were your parents born in Los Santos? [If not, then state the county/city in which they were born]

1.11. What is your current or present occupation? [State answer here]

1.12. What previous jobs have you been engaged in during the past? [State answer(s) here]

1.13. Have you ever been in the Marine or served the Country before? [Yes/No]

1.14. Tell us why you would like to become the Presidential Bodyguard of Los Santos and include information about what you would do if you became the President. (150 words minimum) [State Answer here]

Section Two | Out of Character Questions

2.1 What is your first name:

2.2 What is your last name:

2.3 How old are you: 

2.4 Do you have a middle name: If yes, then state it.

2.5 What Continent are you located in:

2.6 What Country do you belong to:

2.7 Do you speak fluent English:

2.8 Do you have TeamSpeak 3 installed on your computer: [This is not necessary but just in-case]

2.9 Do you have a working microphone:

2.10 What is your country's GMT: 

2.11 Make a screenshot of your Statistics and upload it here [/stats] and remember to CROP the image for a better view.

2.12 Have you ever RPed in a server as a President before: 


I, [state name here], hereby signify myself as the to-be new Presidential Bodyguard of Los Santos. I also oblige myself to follow all given Rules and Laws and to engage myself in all specific City-based occasions. It is understood by me that all the information that I have stated above in the Application form is the truth about me. This is a one time application. I understand that if this application gets denied, I will not be able to re-post one again within the next seven days as maximum. I, [state name here] wishes to appeal myself to the citizens of Los Santos that I will bring a better and brighter future to them day-by-day. 

Thank You

[State Full name here]
[State Initials here]
Presidential Bodyguard Applicant

Enc. 2017
Distributed by the Los Santos Inefficiency Department  
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