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Thomas Jackson's Director Of The Public Conversations Application [ACCEPTED]

on Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:53 am
In Character Section

What is your first name: Thomas
What is your last name: Jackson
How old are you? i'm 27
Where in Los Santos/San Andreas do you live: 47 Ganton
Do you own a vehicle that you could easily move around San Andreas or Los Santos with: yes i do, a Bullet
How does it feel like to be living in Los Santos: it feels good
Do you have any other family members living in Los Santos: nope
What is your present job/faction: i'm Police Chief

Out of Character Section

What is your full name: Gianluca Strazzullo
How old are you: i'm 16
Where were you born: i was born in italy
Upload an image or an image's link of your Character Statistics [/stat]:

Why do you want to become an helper in "Gods of Egypt Roleplay" [100 words minimum]: i wanna help newbies, to guide them untill the will know all they wanna know about the server
Have you ever been an helper in any other server before: Yes
Have you helped or assisted anyone in our server before: yes i did.
How fluent is your english: i think 7/10
What is your RP skills [from 1 to 10]: i think 8/10 Very Happy
What country are you presently living in: Italy
What is your country's GMT: +1
How active can you be in our server: all you want.

Do you understand that if you are not present in our server almost 3 to 4 hours per day in our server, you WILL eventually be kicked from the Staff Team in "Gods of Egypt Roleplay"? [Say "Yes, I do" on the line below]
Yes, i do

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Re: Thomas Jackson's Director Of The Public Conversations Application [ACCEPTED]

on Thu Aug 24, 2017 5:08 pm
Dear Gianluca6

We, the Owners of God's of Egypt Roleplay, have decided to accept your application to join the Helpers Team. Hence, it can be said that it has been ACCEPTED
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