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•Follow GODS OF EGYPT ROLEPLAY  rules and avoid getting in trouble.
• Flaming, cursing or any other abusive behaviour is strictly forbidden.
• Always try to be serious while roleplaying, This means don't use /b or something.
•No leaving the hood without Leader's or Co-leader's permission. If the leader or Co-leader are not online then this rule doesn't apply.
•Do not attack any other gang without the Leader or Co-leader's permission to do so.
• Always follow orders given by higher ranked members..
• If you have a complaint about a gang member, report it to a higher rank with sufficient information and screenshots.
•Do not carry heavy weaponry when walking down the street.
Only Sub-machine guns and pistols are allowed.
•Do NOT disrespect any of the faction's high ranking members.
•Hood RP is the faction's primary objective. Members need to always RP in the hood.
• If you are being flamed by non gang members, report it with /report. DO NOT FLAME BACK!
• If you have an argument or other problems with another soldier, try to solve it yourself and/or get a high ranked member involved.
• Do not troll, again, jokes are allowed but stop is stop.
• Be mature and act like it, not doing this leads to a bad image of us, and will get you punished.
• Abusing any bug is strictly forbidden, doing this can lead to a direct kick.
• Be a proud gang member, it’s not something anyone can become.
• Asking for promotions is strictly forbidden. Doing this will lead to a time extend of your promotion or worse. In cases of unfair promotions, Please contact Stain or Turbo.
•''Not being promoted in time'' isn't a thing, unfair promotes are promotions for people who do not deserve it while you do, not because he joined later etc.
• Do not go AFK while roleplaying.
• Always park your cars/bikes in hood, This means don't park them unrealistically, Keep the hood clean.
• Do not provoke other gang members for no reason.
• Using capitals is allowed, but Do Not Talk Like This.
•Don't beef with other gangs just to kill them for fun.
• Remember that you set an example for others, showing bad behavior will get you punished.
• If you’re planning to leave, at least write a nice reason to do it and don’t just leave without anyone knowing why.
•If you failed to follow any of the rules, You will be kicked and ck'ed.


Character Role Play & Development

When approaching a gang activity such as EC Vagos or El Corona 13 it is important to have something planned out for your character. Does your character have any family or relatives or a family dog. It is also very important to not forget about actual roleplay and think of having emotions for your character. You very so often see people having their character emotionless who's on top of that a ice-cold killer. It's also a plus for yourself if you not only have NPCs around your development but also other players to roleplay as your sibling, parent, cousin or loved one. So a few points to think about. Family  members ,character emotions and street slang.

Before approaching you should also beware of your background with your character. Where he/she come from and how he/she were raised. If you roleplay being a teenager then your best shot would be coming from San Andreas, Los Santos. You should roleplay being a El Corona local who have been influenced and inspired by the local gang activity. It's more or less incorrect to roleplay coming from Mexico or any other south American country as a teenager.

On top of this, you must think out a forename and surname for your character to use. Primarily a Americanized first name and a Hispanic surname. For instance; Brandon Martinez, Darwin Hernandez, Jessica Mundez. This is because most of the Hispanic youth in the states who grew up legally there have adopted americanized society and lifestyle. It's also easier for individuals to be signed up for a profession job when using an american name.
Where and how did your character grow up.
Character first(american) and surname(hispanic).
The gang will more less take on you if you are older than twenty years old as gang members could suspect you for being a police informant. Exceptions would be if you actually grew up with the gang youth and you know them personally. But it's not recommended at all, whatsoever.

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Rules been updated... more to come for IC rules in coming days...
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