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on Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:57 pm
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El Corona is a small working class residential district located in the south of Los Santos, San Andreas. It is primarily known because of the Los Santos International Airport that lies farther south of El Corona and the access to the docks that lies more to it's east. The district is pathway connected with a few other districts, being Verdant Bluffs, Unity Station, Idlewood and Willowfield. The district of El Corona has been plagued by crime and criminal activities since the late 1960s, and in the 1970s the first hispanic gang emerged from the criminal underworld nowadays known as El Corona Vagos 13.

The Village and main street are the primary chosen hangouts by the youth in El Corona, and were the first buildings to ever take place in El Corona when it was first established by the government somewhere in the late 1800s. The Village appears as housing projects and are the homes of many young individuals. The community of El Corona take strong pride in the lowrider car clubs that reside around south Los Santos, San Andreas and primarily the residential district of El Corona. There are many hosted events organized by the neighbourhood to make a bond between each and every lowrider enthusiast.

Corona Vagos , El Corona 13 The El Corona Vagos 13 was and still is the leading organized gang in El Corona and gained attention from many a young views. Most of the affiliates are school dropouts or would eventually become a dropout. The strong majority in the gang are known for violent crime acts and aren't afraid to use their fists or weapons, hence their ruthless reputation. As time passed by the El Corona Vagos became much stronger than just a ordinary gang and turned into a cartel similar faction. It began to unite with other smaller groups who would pay taxes in return of peace and protection. Varrios Los Aztecas also began to expand their criminal empire by creating newly founded groups such as the El Corona 13 gang.

El Corona 13 was first properly established in 1992 and have paid tribute to the El Corona Vagos 13  ever since. The gang is strongly affiliated with Vagos and even wear their mark, however, most of the participants in El Corona 13 represent EC13 when it comes to gang competition. EC13 are involved in numerous criminal activities ranging from robberies to money frauds and murder to rape. EC13 is seen to occupy the village, main street and the tracks.

Young latin-american teenagers, ilegal immigrants and chicanos that were pushed by racism and poverty seen joining the Vagos as an opportunity to find a new family, earn fast money and care for the community, especially this, which is the reason why Vagos are so respected in El Corona, they protect their own raza, families, young ones, everyone. They always watch their borders, lurking out for cops or rival gangs. Their turf, their streets and their people are sacred.

Character Role Play & Development

When approaching a gang activity such as El Corona Vagos or El Corona 13 it is important to have something planned out for your character. Does your character have any family or relatives or a family dog. It is also very important to not forget about actual roleplay and think of having emotions for your character. You very so often see people having their character emotionless who's on top of that a ice-cold killer. It's also a plus for yourself if you not only have NPCs around your development but also other players to roleplay as your sibling, parent, cousin or loved one. So a few points to think about. Family  members, character emotions and street slang.

Before approaching you should also beware of your background with your character. Where he/she come from and how he/she were raised. If you roleplay being a teenager then your best shot would be coming from San Andreas, Los Santos. You should roleplay being a El Corona local who have been influenced and inspired by the local gang activity. It's more or less incorrect to roleplay coming from Mexico or any other south American country as a teenager.

On top of this, you must think out a forename and surname for your character to use. Primarily a Americanized first name and a Hispanic surname. For instance; Brandon Martinez, Darwin Hernandez, Jessica Mundez. This is because most of the Hispanic youth in the states who grew up legally there have adopted americanized society and lifestyle. It's also easier for individuals to be signed up for a profession job when using an American name.
Where and how did your character grow up.
Character first(American) and surname(Hispanic).
The gang will more less take on you if you are older than twenty years old as gang members could suspect you for being a police informant. Exceptions would be if you actually grew up with the gang youth and you know them personally. But it's not recommended at all, whatsoever.

OOC information and rules:
*This information topic and the gang's history is here to stay. It's all based on real In Character facts and events that have been determining this gang's history since 2017 - when the server started. This topic is meant to be used forever, so new leaders have it prohibited to erase it and step all over this gang's story making its own.*

Rules IC & OOC

- Always follow server rules don't try be sneaky for any advantages, we're everyone on the same line.
- Keep friendly atmosphere, if you're having bad day and don't feel like co-operating, simply don't connect and fix your stuff.
- BE realistic, HAVE emotions these are the keys to original RP because It's you, don't show stereotypes no body likes that.
- Keep OOC in limits when in game, It's okay to ask if you're wondering something or if It's anyhow related to current situation, trolling is for kids.
- Don't provoke other factions, you're representing the whole bunch and every action comes with effect.
- Exiting turf without reason, strictly forbidden. You can meet someone but first call them and arrange something, don't speed around looking for possible scenes.
- When you're in turf, you're allowed to stay armed but in limits something you can hide and protect yourself. Remember you are breaking law so don't complain if you need to pay for it.
- Staying active on forums, at least post screenshots once / twice in week showing that you're still here.

Notes. All kind of extra what you try to bring with in faction is noticed and will affect your career here, if your seriously down to create something out of this you put your mind and energy to have great time playing. Don't cling on faction members, remember there's ups and downs in everything, if you're one supporting faction through hard times, that's more noticeable than being all in when there's everyone else doing so.

In order to stay, represent and most important enjoy this faction you need to follow rules every time, seriously every time there's no time to fuck around and have fun with some rule breaking. What I'm aiming here is to be number one role model in professional role play and show what role play supposed to be. I've seen enough of hypocrite people firing shots and crying at other players for their rule breaking when everyone's actually guilty for it. This faction is not going to be one of those who fill report player section and has bad reputation because of its rule breaking and not giving fuck attitude members.


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on Wed Aug 23, 2017 8:31 pm
Darrel decided to get some drink and a spraycan from a local 24/7 store..

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Wow, I really like this thread it's spectacular, and most importantly it's made up of various features that none other consists of. Keep it up Darrel Kane!

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Thank you, i'll do my best Very Happy
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